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About me

You start with the customer experience.

I create customer experiences that I can sign my name to. I always start with the user experience and work outward towards technology. To become a nationally recognized designer through personality, team collaboration, and close relationships with clients. I am always aware of the top trends, but never trapping myself by them.

Matthew Beasley

Digital Designer

My passions

Product Design

If I had a #1, product design would be it. From the start, I've always enjoyed visual design whether its UI design, print or illustrations. Bringing a vision to life is the most enjoyable experience.

User Experience

User experience can be used in every aspect such as digital experiences, visual design, product, life and so on. User Experience will always be a part of my role no matter where I am.

Front-End Development

There is nothing more stressful and satisfying than making a static design come to life and sorting out all the frustrating issues you run into while coding HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Creative Direction

I've managed large teams with complex requirements such as a health application and high profile clients like the world congress center designing for celebrity clients. Having a healthy team dynamic allowing everyone to have a voice and utilize all their skills is critical.

You start with the customer experience.