Hand Crafted Wood Kitchen Island

October 26, 2019

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Topping the list of must-haves in most kitchen renovations or a kitchen, in general, is an island that is the perfect value-added improvement, one that transforms the way you use and enjoy the busiest room in your house. One thing that was missing from our beautiful home was an island that fits our lifestyle.

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At a minimum, a kitchen island adds counter and storage space just where you need them: at the pivot point between your kitchen's cooking, cleaning, and food-prep zones. And outfitted with fixtures like towel holders, shelves, and draws, an island itself can become the hub of activity. Such utility is the reason builders and designers say that adding an island offers more bang for your buck than just about any other kitchen upgrade. Sometimes there's not enough room for a big island, and you want to be able to move it around when cleaning, or maybe you are not into a big renovation to add an island. That's why it would be perfect if you just bought a handcrafted kitchen island you can move around.

My husband and I after work cook together, so it is helpful when one of us is in the bar area, and the other is at the kitchen island prepping. We use to have a small island that didn't work, so I set off to build a hand made kitchen island from scratch. I love crafting things and often over-engineer stuff on purpose. I crafted this hand made the kitchen island with a beechwood top and oak wood base. The top is held together with glue, eight brackets with 48 screws and pocket screws. I'll say the island intensely strong and will last forever. Here are some photos of the island.

Hand crafted beech wood kitchen island sold on Etsy!
Custom made kitchen island
Oak wood kitchen island

The first kitchen islands in America date to the colonial era. These simple worktables, situated near the heart of the home, were where families prepped meals and then sat down to break bread. Even after the advent of built-in cabinetry, and well into the first half of the 20th century, the island remained a freestanding piece of furniture, often with a look and style all its own. The tradition continues today, as islands often integrate materials, colors, and design flourishes that are different from those of the surrounding wall cabinets, making them the focal point of the space.

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October 26, 2019