IBM CIO user research and analytics application to track metrics and store research across the organization.

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6 user test across 3 different business units.

Lead in launching and monitoring personalization efforts and A/B test.

Launched live feedback module which increased the ability to resolve issues and gather insights on multiple pages early on.

Took on visual design to redesign the about page concept when other designers were busy.

Shared insights on research for the home page with worldwide country owners.

Started a change log timeline that mapped to analytical data to see what changes affected the analytics in a positive or negative way.

Completed over 80 hours of continuing education per year, exceeding the 40-hour minimum.

Significantly reduced negative NPS comments and scores by implementing client centric techniques such as live feedback, user testing and evaluating all NPS comments to actionable items if eligible.

Think 2019 Conference Site

After a 3 day design thinking workshop and user testing we were able to come up with this modern redesign. The redesign resulted in a large increase of registrations and visits to the page.

IBM Home Page concept V1 of 3 (for user testing)

I wanted to do a comparison test of the old home page vs. this concept. It wasn't a full redesign but more of a refresh. The results were great! They loved the use of the buttons vs. text links, the reaction to the product section was very positive, the page overall was a lot more comfortable to consume the information and know what to dive into next.

IBM About Page concept V1 (for user testing)

The majority of users loved the redesigned and thought it represented IBM more positively and factually. It also brought awareness for the need to order the sections of the site.