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IBM Collection

Collections of various projects I worked on & currently working on at IBM.

Craigslist One Day Challenge

For fun, I had one day to redesign two pages of the craigslist web application. Craigslist is known for its "list" view, so I incorporated that into a mega navigation menu. To cater to both audiences that are just coming to browse and those that are looking for something specific. I made the homepage have dynamic content of what's trending, events and hot topics. Those looking for specific items can use the advanced search and navigation. ‍‍

Emory Seed The Future

Seed the Future is a website for Emory University Endowment program for donors and recipients to share their stories and to get others interested in donating. I handled the UX, Design, and Front-end coding.

Emory Library Service Center

The Georgia Tech and Emory University library service center was a state of the art climate control facility. They wanted a website to share the innovation and news surrounding the center. I was involved in the UX, Design and Front-end coding.

Bobby Jones at Emory

The Friends of Bobby Jones is a collaboration between three schools such as Emory University, GA Tech and St Andrews. This site was designed to honor Bobby Jones legacy and support the scholarship by having a place to share events, information, and alumni. I designed and developed it.

Emory President

Office of the President site was designed to allow people to easily to keep up with Presidents communication, leaderships, the vision and the ability to contact the office. I handled all the user experience, design and front-end developement.

Emory Continuing Education

Emory Continuing Education is a website platform for individuals that would like to learn more skills and receive certifications. I was tasked with the redesign handing everything from the user experience to the visual design.

Emory Integrity Project

Emory Integrity Project was a unique website dedicated the the campaign to strengthen the culture at Emory. The website had a unique brand personality which shows in the art of the typography. I was in charge of the user experience, design and front-end coding.

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