Top 10 Web Hosting Companies In 2019

January 12, 2019

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When you search google for web hosting companies, you get 540 million results and most of the time users won't click past the second page. The first set of results on the Google page are sponsored listings and some top sites that big companies pay a lot of money to be listed. You most likely will find the same web hosting companies listed on every one of those sites most all those sites are bias or paid advertising.

In this article I am going to explain why you should ignore those options and go with a web hosting company that will benefit the performance of your site in the long run, that has superior customer support and break down what types of web hosting companies you should look at depending on your need.  

Why you should ignore those sites listed on the first page when typing in "web hosting companies."

Most of all the listings for web hosting companies on Google are paid listings even if its a blog post but why is that such a bad thing? It's not, it is an excellent way to get to the first page of google, but most of these companies listed are high volume web host meaning they price their services extremely low for high volume amount of customers. In turn, they overload the number of people they put on a single server.

That means your website performance will suffer in the long run if any of those other sites traffic peaks. You will also have periodic downtime, you may not notice but your website visitors will. Additionally, the support will suffer too because of the large volume of customers and them experiencing issues.

What web hosting companies you should avoid

You probably have seen HostGator, BlueHost, iPage and so on. You should avoid all these web hosting companies as they are owned by the same subsidiary of EIG (Endurance International Group) they are known to have a bad reputation in the web hosting industry. From fraud, to buy and killing perfectly good web hosting companies. They are all about revenue and not about quality. You should avoid the following hosting companies they own:

2slick - AccountSupport - Arvixe LLC - A Small Orange - ApolloHosting - AppMachine - Berry Information Systems L.L.C. - BigRock - BizLand - BlueBoxInternet - BlueDomino - Bluehost - BuyDomains - CirtexHosting - Constant Contact - Directi - Dollar2Host - Domain Dot Com- DomainHost - Dot5Hosting - Dotster - easyCGI - eHost - EmailBrain - EntryHost - Escalate Internet - FastDomain - FatCow - FreeYellow - Garin IT Solutions Co. - Garin Technologies - Glob@t - Homestead - HostCentric - HostClear - HostGator - HostNine - Bluehost, HostMonster - HostV VPS - HostGallo - hostwithmenow - HostYourSite - HyperMart - IMOutdoors - Intuit Websites - iPage - IPOWER/iPowerWeb - IX Web Hosting - JustHost - LogicBoxes - MojoMarketplace - MyDomain - MyResellerHome - MySocialSuite - NetFirms - Networks Web Hosting - Nexx - PowWeb - PublicDomainRegistry - PureHost - ReadyHosting - ResellerClub - Saba-Pro - SEO Gears - SEO Hosting - SEO Web Hosting - Site5 - Southeast Web - SpeedHost - Spertly - Spry - StartLogic - SuperGreen Hosting - Typepad - Unified Layer  USANetHosting - vDeck - Verio- VirtualAvenue - VPSLink - Webzai Ltd.- WebHost4Life - - Webstrike Solutions - Xeran - YourWebHosting

Don't say I didn't do you a favor! :P You are probably wondering about the famous GoDaddy? I don't recommend them either, and neither do my clients that desperately wanted to leave them because of their services and their customer support. Sure, the domain services are excellent and so are many other domain providers like Name Cheap. GoDaddy also owns MediaTemple so expect the same level of service.

Shared Web Hosting Companies

If you want flexibility and customization for your website and web host, shared web hosting is a blessing. You can host anything from a static site to a content management system like WordPress.

What is shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting is the most affordable hosting and usually the best bet for non-enterprise type sites that don't have millions of visitors. You are sharing resources with another customer on the same server, and each customer is limited on resources they can use and defined by the web hosting package. Shared hosting is a low maintenance option, and no technical knowledge is needed because of the easy to use control panel.

Top 5 shared web hosting companies for 2019

5: Site Ground Shared Web Hosting

Starts at $11.95/mo
Host 1 website
10 GB of Storage

4: KnownHost

Starts at $8.95/mo
Host 5 website
5 GB of SSD Storage

3: Accu Web Hosting

Starts at $19.95 (6 month commitment)
Host as many sites
10 GB of Storage

2: Fused

Starts at $9.95/mo
Host 1 website
5 GB of Storage

1: 5th & Melody

Starts at $12/mo

Host 5 websites

20 GB of SSD Storage Space

WordPress Web Hosting Companies

WordPress hosting is similar to shared hosting is configured only to allow WordPress sites and no other files on the hosting account. Because they are set to only host WordPress, there usually are tools that will enable you to auto-update WordPress, and the host is optimized to run WordPress more quickly.

With shared hosting, you can run WordPress, and many other things on the hosting account and additionally host more than one website without the added cost; however with WordPress hosting you usually have to pay per account, and you're limited on the number of visitors and if you reach that limit you have to upgrade the account.

Top 5 WordPress web hosting companies for 2019

5: SiteGround WordPress Hosting

Starts at $11.95/mo
Host 1 website
10 GB of Storage

4: Liquid Web Cloud Sites

Starts at $51/mo (promo)
Host unlimited sites

Unlimited Site Visitors
50 GB of SSD Storage

3: Liquid Web WordPress Hosting

Starts at $99/mo
Host 10 websites

Unlimited Site Visitors
50 GB of SSD Storage

2: FlyWheel

Starts at $15.00/mo
Host 1 website

5,000 monthly visitors
10 GB of Storage

1: 5th & Melody

Starts at $12.00/mo
Host 5 website

Unlimited monthly visitors
20 GB of Storage


Your choice in a web hosting company ultimately is based on your requirements. Whether you want the flexibility of a shared hosting account or an optimized WordPress hosting account, you have options, lots of options. It is wise to not go with the first thing you see on google because there is good web host out there that are not in the business to screw you and that was the main point of this article. Cheaper is not always better for your business. Cheaper may cost your business money because of slow speeds and downtime.

Always remember, you get what you pay for! If you feel this article help you, feel free to leave feedback in the comments below or if you had a good or horrible experience with a web host I would love to know.

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January 12, 2019